Pathogen Series

Pathogen no 1 (WM).jpg
Pathogen no 1 (WM).jpg

Pathogen Series


*size 4x4"

The "Pathogen" series is a collection of monotypes inspired by bacteria. I've lived with Crohn's disease since 2012. Its a disease for which there is no known cure or cause, but some believe its caused by a bacteria in the gut. 

I set out in creating this series with this idea in mind- that something as minuscule as bacteria could have changed my life so drastically.

Each painting involved several different layers of material. And as I worked, I found that the process was more important than the finished product. Through the act of the addition and subtraction of the layers with painting, scraping, rubbing, and erasing, I didn't feel helpless to something that controlled me. 

It was as if I was uncovering the cause of my disease, and transforming it into something beautiful.

Materials: oil paint, chalk pastels, mineral spirits, and acrylic ink

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